Our Technology and Values

Method52 is the core of CASM’s capability. It provides an environment that allows its users to build and train what we call ‘architectures’.  These are combinations of components that collect and analyse data using natural language processing and machine learning.

Each of our solutions involves building and deploying bespoke architectures designed to suit the problem.

We constantly add emerging capabilities to Method52 across the fields natural language processing, machine vision, network analysis, early warning detection and data visualisation.
Fact CHecking

Intelligent assistive technology

CASM has developed AI tooling that automatically retrieves fact-verifying material from reliable sources on the web for each claim made in any article.

CASM makes extensive use of deep learning methods

In particular, we use appropriately fine-tuned, pre-trained language models for generic tasks such as text classification, entity extraction, paraphrase detection and sentence encoding.
We care about the things we research, and we know that all technology can be used in both ethical and unethical ways.

That's why:
  • Our work is governed by best practice frameworks spanning both research and data journalism.
  • We emphasise under-served communities, geographies and languages.
  • We're honest and transparent in our methods and their results.
  • We work to demystify artificial intelligence. We don't claim to have secret, magical algorithms or hidden techniques.
Content Discovery

Automatic discovery of important content

CASM has developed algorithms for the automatic identification of important content within text, where the notion of "important" can be easily customised.

Realtime narrative tracking and classification

With the ISD, CASM has developed a counter-disinformation technology called Beam. It currently operates across six social media platforms, multiple news aggregators, hundreds of websites and forums and in over a dozen languages, including French, German, Italian, Arabic, Dhivehi, Somali and Spanish. It can ingest any form of text and new sources are constantly added.

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